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Natural Raw Materials

Rebis employs only the finest natural substances, their extracts and derivatives. Most of the natural raw materials come from the hilly slopes of an ancient volcano called Mount Amiata, a mountainous high ground between Grosseto Maremma and Val d'Orcia Senese.

In these hilly territories rich in woods, olive groves and thermal springs we collect propolis and beeswax, salts and sulfurous algae, sun-dried clay, organic extra virgin olive oil, spontaneous medicinal plants. Other natural raw materials such as jojoba oil and Mexican aloe, Chinese ginseng or cinchona (China) and Peruvian rhatany come from distant countries.
Pure essential oils extracted by distillation from aromatic plants contribute to the activation and to the fragrance of each natural cosmetic.

In particular:

  1. The bee propolis
    a resinous substance that covers the buds of many plants in order to protect them, is collected by bees in wooded areas of Mount Amiata, excluding any contact with pesticides or fertilizers. Rebis considers propolis as the queen substance of its natural cosmetics and, besides guaranteeing its constant Italian origin from the same Tuscan territory, controls also its extraction phases.
  2. Beeswax of opercles
    is only that part of the honeycomb constituted by the wax seal that the bees attach to the hexagonal cell filled with honey. The operculum wax is made of the most recent wax and is therefore the most fragrant and delicate. The wax used by Rebis is not only of operculous and mountain origin, but is also dissolved with traditional technique in glass showcases exposed to the heat of the sun.
  1. The volcanic clay
    used by Rebis comes from the slopes of Mount Amiata, from a bench that emerges on the surface. The volcanic clay is dried in the heat of the sun and micronized (finely ground).
  2. Jojoba oil
    golden jojoba oil which is of particular interest to Rebis, is extracted by cold pressing the seeds of a plant native to the desert areas of Mexico and Arizona. Jojoba oil is actually the only liquid wax in the plant world and has maximum affinity with the skin and inimitable nourishing and emollient properties.

International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients

Since 1997, cosmetic producers of the European Community have been obliged to list in descending order by quantity, all the ingredients included in the formulation of a cosmetic product.

The introduction of the INCI code makes it possible to objectively assess the composition of a natural cosmetic beyond the advertising declarations. The limit of the INCI code consists of being issued partly in Latin terms and partly in English words, precluding an easy readability and evaluation of the product. To avoid these problems, Rebis reproduces the INCI code in Italian on every box, allowing an optimal understanding.

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