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Rebis produces Natural Cosmetics since 1977 but, as a matter of facts, dr. Roberto Mola, herbalist and formulator of every natural product of Rebis, has enhanced a vast wealth of knowledge handed down by many generations of pharmacists working continuously in his family since 1700.

Rebis and alchemical gold
The link to gold is a recurring motif of Rebis: it is found in the golden color of beeswax, of jojoba oil, of its creams and ointments. Even the term Rebis was for the Renaissance alchemists a synonym of philosophical gold, a rare objective and symbol of the pursuit of perfection.

The drawings
The drawings created by Laura Poli reproduce in a joyful and playful way some themes dear to the alchemists of the sixteenth century: the red rose, the reconciliation of the contraries represented by the king and the queen, the wonderful ampulla where mysterious transformations were carried out aimed at an ineffable perfection and many other signs that invite you to a concrete and symbolic use of Rebis natural cosmetics.

Rebis and WWF
Since 1989, the WWF (World Protection of Nature) offers its members the Natural Cosmetics Rebis through the catalog of ecological products called Panda Shop.

Biological and ecological certification
Rebis boasts the certification attesting the quality of natural cosmetics made with the use of ingredients from organic farming. Other ingredients that are used are certified to a total plant origin directly to the producers of raw materials from which Rebis supplies.

Natural preservatives
The biggest formulation obstacle that the Natural Cosmetics are confronting is to make sure that the products stay preserved from bacterial, fungal and oxidative contamination. Some Rebis cosmetics are preserved only with natural preservatives such as: bee propolis, essential oils, resins and specific medicinal plants. In other cases, as in Shampoos, these substances are associated with the derivatives of benzoic acid and sorbic acid naturally occurring in barley, fruit and Scandinavian sorb. Rebis natural cosmetics are free of antioxidants and synthetic dyes or artificial fragrances.

Maximum skin affinity
Rebis Natural Cosmetics have the highest skin affinity and guarantee the claimed effects avoiding any use of emphatic and deceptive words in the product declaration.

No animal abuse
Rebis does not use substances that involve killing of animals and does not carry out experimental tests on guinea pigs.

Recyclable eco-friendly materials
Special attention is given to the materials used in the packaging of the cosmetics: the cases and the leaflets are made of recycled and paper bleached without any use of chlorine.
Priority is given to Aluminum and glass containers, while coupled materials such as single - dose sachets of sample products difficult to recycle are not used.

Recyclable aluminum tubes

  1. guarantee a hermetic seal;
  2. favor an optimal collection;
  3. protect creams from bacterial and oxidative contamination by fingers and air;
  4. therefore favor the creation of totally natural creams, unlike the jars that as a consequence of an extensive exposure of its creams to fingers and air, impose to the formulator a high insertion in products of synthetic preservatives and synthetic antioxidants that are responsible for the frequent reactions of skin intolerances to cosmetics.

In the end of the story, a celestial alphabet appears in a magical window
inviting you to be whole in the fragment.

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