For the Face

The natural face creams are packaged in hermetic seal metal tubes. Recyclable metal tube:

  1. favors an optimal collection of the product;
  2. protects creams from bacterial and oxidative contamination caused by fingers and air;
  3. therefore allows the creation of totally natural creams. On the contrary, in the jars, the extensive exposure of the creams to a contact with fingers and air, imposes a high use of artificial preservatives and antioxidants by the formulator.
With calendula, hamamelis and jojoba. Moisturizing and nourishing day cream.
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With ginseng, propolis, jojoba. A flower, a color, a woman's name, the secret of Stradivari in an anti-time cream for day and night.
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Makeup Remover
With beeswax. jojoba and white cosmetic clay. For the most delicate cleansing of the face. Emollient and nourishing action. Suitable for all skin types.
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Lip Cream
With vitamin E, beeswax and propolis. For the lips and their contours. Maximum formulation concentration. A marked anti-time action.
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Eye Cream
With jojoba, beeswax and vitamin E. Concentrated formula without perfume.
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Purifying Tonic Water
With bee propolis. Suitable for all face impurities.
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With algae, sulfur, clay and propolis. Purifying facial masks for the cosmetic treatment of facial impurities in youth, blackheads and excessive greasiness.
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Eyelid Water
With Tuscan hilly bee propolis. Relaxes and cleanses the eyelids and around the eyes. Preservatives and fragrance-free.
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Colored Cream
Light tone. Gives delicate and natural color to the face.
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