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In each Shampoo only plant-based foaming agents derived from fine fractions of coconut oil and corn glucose are used.
For each hair requirement, Rebis proposes a specific Shampoo activated with natural extracts for the targeted action. The resinous bee propolis, always present in the composition of each Shampoo, contributes to the activation, the conservation and also gives an amber color to the product. Essential oils distilled from aromatic plants give natural perfume to the formulations.

Kashmir Shampoo
With keratin extracted from Kashmir wool. Gives the hair a volume and the softness of Kashmir.
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Activating Shampoo
With ginseng and propolis. Perfect in case of excessive hair loss.
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Dry Hair Shampoo
With Peruvian chincona and bee propolis. Perfect for damaged and dry hair.
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Suf Shampoo
With calendula and propolis. For frequent or daily hair washing. Maximum delicacy and softness of action. Dedicated to dancing Sufis.
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Greasy Hair Shampoo
With birch and propolis. Against excessive greasiness of the hair.
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Henna Shampoo
With henna extract. Free of artificial coloring. Gives bright reflections of intense red to the hair.
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Blond Hair Shampoo
With chamomile and propolis. It revives and brightens blond or brown hair enhancing its natural reflections.
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Antidandruff Shampoo
With aloe, benzoin and propolis. Radical action against dandruff.
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Hair Lotion
Against excessive hair-lost and greasiness. Anti-dandruff.
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Kashmir Conditioner
With keratin extracted from Kashmir wool. Restructures the brittle hair and makes it soft and shiny like Kashmir wool.
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