For Babies and Children

The Ointment and Baby Cream are formulated with the most precious natural substances such as jojoba oil, organic olive oil, almond oil, bee propolis, calendula, lavender and are free from synthetic preservatives, artificial perfumes or coloring agents in order to obtain an extreme skin affinity and the best result.
The Shampoo and Bath Foam Baby contain only naturally-derived foaming agents and are perfumed with pure essential oils.

Baby Ointment
With propolis, jojoba oil and organic olive oil. To be used especially before applying the diaper.
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Baby Shampoo
With naturally-derived foaming agents. For the most tender and delicate washing.
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Baby Bath Foam
With naturally-derived foaming agents. For a relaxing bath with huge fluffy bubbles perfumed with natural essences.
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Baby Cream
With calendula, lavender and jojoba. For body and face. Maximum skin affinity.
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Auricular Drops
With bee propolis, organic extra virgin olive oil and specific essential oils. For protection and hygiene of the external auditory canal. Suitable for both adults and children.
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Gingival Oleum
With hilly organic extra virgin olive oil, Tuscan bee propolis, and sage essence. Beneficial and protective for the most delicate and sensitive gums. Also great for babies and children during teething stage.
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